Semi Permanent Eyebrows

Semi Permanent Eyebrow MakeupEyebrows act as a frame for the face, and when designed to compliment the face structure and shape, they can lift the eyes and give a more youthful appearance.

The eyebrow can be spoilt by growing unevenly or sparsely, but now thanks to the semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo, the shape, colour and definition can now be enhanced.

Enhance your natural features with Semi Permanent Eyebrow Makeup

The blended colour is applied in fine hair strokes to mimic a natural, realistic look, enhancing your natural features – now you can dispose of all of your brow pencils.

Even those with non-existent brows, like alopecia sufferers, can benefit immensely from Semi Permanent Eyebrow Makeup tattoo techniques as can those who have suffered significant hair loss through over shaping or plucking.

We have recently helped a trichotillomania sufferer, which is a condition defined as ‘hair loss from a patient’s repetitive self-pulling of hair’.

Let your confidence grow

The Semi Permanent Eyebrow Makeup Treatment will normally take between 1½ and 2½ hours and the effect will last for years – see your self awareness and confidence grow.

Call Allyson now: on 01825 731818 to book your Semi Permanent Eyebrow Makeup consultation.

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